Saturday, March 8, 2008

Carolina cool

Well, it's been a fun, fierce 2 days! Yesterday, mom let us play outside early in the drizzle, and then we got to stay in the house all day with her. Then today, we had lot of outside time and then we got to watch the Dookies fall on Senior night in their own court to the Tar Heels.
Staffer Mom held us up to get a good view of key plays, and we were so tired at halftime we had to take a nap!
Our questions about coverage: Why is Digger Phelps wearing a stupid hat? Does Dick Vitale know anyone who didn't give to the V Foundation? (no offense, we're sure it's a good thing, but he sure does talk about it a lot.)
Is that all Coach K's real hair? Does Coach Roy have any bad ties? (We don't think so, on either question.)
Wasn't it cool to see the drunk Tar Heel fans go wild behind the Gameday team in K-ville? (Staffer Mom says she would never have done that and doesn't know anyone who would have done it either.)

Coming soon: Beat the Bandit! (not literally.)

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