Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lucky bunnies in the garden

Today turned interesting late in the day when Staffer Mom started her annual spring garden rescue. She chopped at the weeds with a hoe and raked out the old stuff in the garden plot. Then Staffer Dad brought in the dirt-eating machine and started churning up the area. And then he stopped: He found a tiny baby bunny. Staffer Mom looked around for a nest under the shrubbery and along the fence, but there wasn't anything. The bunny looked like he'd be a fun toy to play with; Ernie thought so, too. He was watching from the porch.

Staffer Mom took the baby and put it in a safe place. Staffer Dad started up the dirt machine to finish the garden, but he stopped again as soon as he saw the second bunny. He thought it was hurt, but it wasn't. Mom took it, too, and called a few people for advice.

As it turns out, those bunnies were about 5 days old and were born in a nest in the middle of the garden. We can't believe we missed them in all our hunting.

Wow. Those bunnies are really lucky:
- We didn't find them.
- Mom didn't chop them with the hoe.
- Dad didn't chew them up with the dirt eater, and most of all,
- Ernie didn't find them.

The staffers took them to a person in another county who takes care of outdoor animals. She lets them go back to the woods when they grow up.
We're so sorry we didn't get a chance to play with them. They would have been fun.

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