Sunday, December 2, 2007

Stupid human news

We think it's time we talk about stupid events humans think are news. First of all, we count on our humans to worry about things that matter in the big world - anything that affects how we get food and how often they'll be home. So when stupid stuff takes their attention from those important things, we think it's bad.
For instance, mom's been on the phone all weekend dealing with some stupid, threatening behavior by a washed-up talk show host. And granted, it's never OK to threaten to blow up anyone, especially a teen-ager who's working really hard. But why do people just go crazy over news like this? Surely there are more important things to wonder about.
Just to make our point, we just checked a news site to look at stories people are reading.
Here's this hour's sampling from the web headlines:
- "Cat rescued after 19 days with jar on his head": It was a peanut butter jar. He got in; he can get out.
- "Ozzy Osbourne's bat coat fetches $3,300" - If Batman needs cash, we wonder what the Batmobile will bring? Will the lagging real estate market affect the Bat Cave's market value?
- "Baking soda could help save planet" - It sure helps save Ernie's litter box.
- "Giant snake is boy's best friend" - Every boy says that.

Our point: None of this matters. Except that the talk-show host threats made our dinner late 2 nights in a row and made mom late to get home. That did matter. Next time they leave the TV remote out on the sofa, we're not watching his show.

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