Sunday, December 23, 2007

Busy holiday weekend!

From Maggie: Wow! It's been a real fun time indoors and outdoors for the last day or 2. As we'd mentioned, Grandma's here, so that's fun....there's always more stuff for us to check out and there always seems to be more food around to drop on the floor. It's never a bad time. And outside, it's been raining, so the ground is nice and soft. The mole traffic has been steady, so there are plenty of trails for us to snort through.

Last night, the staff thought it would be funny to put a Santa cap on Bandit and reindeer horns on me for a picture in front of the Christmas tree. Right. First of all, I'm not sure why I got the horns. Anyway, they ain't staying on my head, and Bandit's just a big ol' wienie for letting them put the hat on him and pull his ears through the little elastic strap. What an idiot.
Anyway, the photo session was probably not what they'd planned. They did try to bribe us with snacky treats, so we ate as many as we could. Whatever. We'll post some of the photos because we know they'd want us to put them up (and we know they suck).

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skipper, cricket & pretzel said...

We thought we were heading back to Savannah last Sunday for a visit. We got in our car seat and headed south on I-95, but when we got to the Savannah exit the driver kept going. We tried to let them know that they missed the exit and we wanted to visit our buddies Maggie and Bandit. But they told us we were heading to Jacksonville this time to see our dachshund cousin Beamer. So we did a shout out to you as we continued heading south ... did you hear us? We barked as loud as we could.