Sunday, March 24, 2013

We love the madness

It's March Madness and we've been called out recently for not posting as much as we should.
Fair enough.

Here's the deal: Now that Bandit's blind, he can't watch the games and that makes a bracket tough to finish except when he's using the tried-and-true snackie-treat method (red treat - high seed, green treat- low seed....) to pick games.

Bandit can listen to the games, and he's developed an unhealthy dislike for certain announcers. For example, if it's a Dickie V game, we make the staff mute the sound. Otherwise Bandit just starts barking randomly. We've found the barking irritates the staff and gets Bandit a free trip to Staffer Dad's lap. Mission accomplished.

Staffer Mom won't let us leave the room while the Tar Heels are playing, so if the staff gets loud we start roaming the room like we need to go out. For a while, she thought we were faking...Bandit put a stop to that.
Now when we roam, the staff pauses the game and lets us take an outside break.

And yes, Bandit picked Wichita State. Shocker? Not so much. Those green snack bones are just better.

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