Sunday, September 9, 2012

Is pro tennis a whiny sport?

As our careful readers know, we love to watch tennis and especially the Williams sisters. Guy tennis is good, too, but we really don't have a favorite right now. And Andy Murray got some respect yesterday at the U.S. Open when he put up with the wind and other stuff to win. At one point, his opponent Berdych complained that Murray's hat blew off and distracted him. Really?

But here's the question: Why are tennis players so persnickety about noise and sneezing fans and weather and such? So didn't any of these people ever play on public courts? Every time we go near courts we see kids whooping, people running outside the fences and stuff blowing around. And weather? Hey -- it's an outdoor sport, so you have to expect the wind now and then.

We have to agree with Staffer Dad on this one -- baseball players can hit a 100-mph fastball with thousands of cheering or jeering fans and squirrels running on the field. That seems a lot harder to us.
And we put up with a lot of stuff, too -- baths, wet high grass at walk time and heckling squirrels. (What's with the squirrels?) Not to mention Skeeter's antics in the house. Makes a blown-off hat seem trivial.

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