Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tennis takes guts and tape

And we're back....unfortunately our basketball teams have all tanked in the NCAA tournament, so we're turning to tennis again. The Sony is on, and Serena's playing well in spite of clearly showing some age. All we know is that if we had that much tape on our thighs, we'd not be able to lift a leg. And for Bandit, that would be a problem.

Both Williams sisters will be close by next week and weekend for the Family Circle Cup in Charleston.  We're begging (yes, we're lowering ourselves to that) the staff to give us a ride up there. What could it hurt?

We heard the announcers say Serena isn't playing with gut any more. As it turns out, they didn't mean she wasn't tough or instinctive. They were discussing her racquet strings. The cats aren't really happy to hear that catgut is still used. We started to explain that catgut isn't from cats -- it can be from many different animals and is thought to be short for cattle gut.
But we decided not to tell them.

We like it when the arrogant cats are horrified. Maybe we'll tell them that Staffer Dad's tennis racquet is strung with gut from old fat Ozzie who died a few years ago.
That should send Skeeter reeling for a day or so.

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