Monday, April 21, 2008

Pretenders & the kennel

The staff abandoned us this weekend. They said they were going on a "road trip" and kept singing "Boogie-Oogie-Oogie" and said something about Alabama. They said they were going to some place named Boogie and Aunt Jenn and Uncle Brad would be there, as well as Aunt Meg and Uncle Eric.

All we know is that we ended up in the kennel. They tried to tell us it was a spa and we'd get manicures and pedicures, but it was just a kennel with toe nail clippers and no TV.

And it was bad enough that we had to share the weekend with two truly obnoxious Golden Retrievers named -- yes, it's true: Maggie and Bandit. Those two were too perky to live. All weekend they sucked up to the kennel staff and wanted to play ball and play in the water pool and chase a stuffed duck. Showoffs.

They tried to send those two hyper furballs out with Staffer Dad when he came to pick us up! The kennel staff actually took those 2 out there to him and left us just sitting there in the pen! We were pretty horrified.

Thankfully, Staffer Dad noticed they weren't us and sent them back to their pens (the dogs, not the kennel staff -- however we think it might have been better the other way).

So now we're home and the Staff still hasn't apologized. Maggie's already targeted a couple flower pots to knock over and Bandit's real sure he's going to pee on something good early tomorrow.


Bebe Bahnsen said...

Yet another wonderful laugh. Of course, I'm not really laughing at the two of you being left in the kennel, but the line about toenail clippers and no TV was priceless. Years ago, in the 1980s (that's long ago even in human years), I was going on vacation and was going to put my dear dog in a kennel. A friend was horrified and paid to send Emma to camp. To camp! Emma came home with photos and with a report that said she had a marvelous time. The report also named her "best friends" at camp. I'll bet the camp didn't even have TV either.
I just posted the only thing on my blog so far about dogs, I'm ashamed to admit. Check it out and learn about my son's dog, Jack, whom you would love. Ernie, if he followed Scruffy's lead, might not be that wild about Jack. What can we do about cats?

Allison Kennedy said...

Cats?! We can treat them like the queens and kings that they are!