Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cats get special privileges

We've been reading Fierce Bebe's blog lately -- you might recognize Fierce Bebe from the smart comments she makes on our blogs. (She seems to like us.)
Today, she's written about her cat Scruffy, who seems to be in charge at her house. We understand that he gets to sit on the coffee table, and pretty much anywhere he wants. It's that way at our house, too. Ernie gets away with everything. He sleeps in our bed, on our pillows -- sometimes with us, in the bed with the staff and can come and go as he pleases. We aren't allowed near his food bowl at all.
Bebe thinks cats share their evil ideas. Maybe they do. She says she might use aluminum foil to keep him from getting ideas. We've heard that if you wrap a cat completely in plastic wrap, they'll quit bothering you. Not sure why that might work, but we hear it does. Maybe a plastic grocery bag would do. We're not sure if you should leave their head sticking out or not.
(We wouldn't do it to Ernie, but there's a cat down the street who's just asking for it.)

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Bebe Bahnsen said...

Maggie and Bandit, thanks for your perceptive comments about how I can handle Scruffy, or how I could if I had the guts. But I'll tell you what he does, and I'll bet Ernie does it, too.
Just as I am about to put foil over the doors or resort to a plastic bag, the Scruffster becomes the cutest animal ever. Right now he is sleeping on the floor by the computer and he is delicately snoring. I can hear you hooting, or barking, at the thought. I hate snoring, but I think it's cute when Scruffy does it, especially if he covers one eye with a paw. He has me bamboozled, but I'm following your warnings and watching him closely. Hope Ernie isn't on your bed.