Saturday, April 5, 2008

Aunt Laurie moves to first

We're taking this opportunity between Final Four games to cheer for Aunt Laurie -- her bracket sped to the top of the heap as Memphis beat UCLA. We know she picked Memphis because she has family there, and that's OK. After all, Bandit's strategy of picking the toughest mascot in each matchup really didn't work too well.

We also know that Uncle Brad must be breathing better now that he's climbed over Bandit and up a couple slots from the cellar. Staffer Dad and our buddy Gale took a hit in the last game, but we think Gale still has a shot. His refusal to pick Kansas makes us wag.

A note before the next game starts: Billy Packer must be stopped -- click here to sign the petition. He's really annoying, and we'd like to dig a big hole and put him in it. Staffer Dad just told us Billy's not in the coaches hall of fame, and we just couldn't believe it. We thought he must be since he constantly second-guesses the coaches and reads players' minds through the entire game.

Now that Maggie's over being catty, we're going to jump on the pillow and watch the Heels and Jayhawks.

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