Saturday, February 26, 2011

Notes from the lowdogs' week

We're so glad to be back and writing again! And, we're so happy to heave heard from our Navy buddies, Skipper, Cricket and Pretzel. They have a new friend, too, Mandy. They also let us know they got a Kackel Dackel game for Christmas...we're pretty jealous of that. They also donated one to DRNA for auction and helped fund placement for homeless dachshunds. Great idea!
(If you want to see how those cool games work, check the link in the previous post.)

We've also been playing outside more. It's been a cold, wet winter and that wasn't much fun. But the past few weekends have been great! The staff let us stay out until dark several times, and we've left them a few holes to fill when they are out there.

Also, we've been watching a lot of basketball. You know we love our Tar Heels, so Staffer Dad does play-by-play for Bandit during games. Today, though, he made us come in the house for a Missouri State game. He says they won a championship and we're glad for his Bears, but our heart belongs to the Heels.
And, we're ready needed outside. It past time to discuss bird feeder vandalism with the nasty neighbor squirrels.

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