Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Games we can play

So, we learned today from our friend Clarence about a dachshund game you have to buy.
Here's the link.

We'd play this for free if you'll give us some treats!

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Skipper, Cricket, Pretzel and Mandy(the new one) said...

Bandit, Maggie; So good to hear from you guys again. Our staffers actually got us a Kackel Dackel for Christmas. You know how they are. Staffer Dad got a German Naval Officer buddy of his to help order some of them from Germany. We even gave one to our dachshund cousin, Sloopy, in Denver for Christmas. The staffers even donated one to DRNA so they could auction it off on eBay as a fund raiser. They said DNRA did good with the auction. Look forward to hearing more of your advintures.