Sunday, September 20, 2009

About that Waving Girl statue....

It's time for us to remind all of you about the Savannah Wiener Dog Races coming up in October.
They'll be in downtown Savannah on River Street near the Waving Girl statue on Oct. can pre-register to run at this link. Preregistration is better because you can get through the line faster and play more!

The location is a terrific one -- cool grass to play in and lots of breeze. But, there's only one problem: We've realized the dog sculpture with the Waving Girl is NOT a dachshund.
It's got a decent snout on it, but its ears are all wrong.
If it didn't look so much like Lassie, we'd really complain. (Careful readers know how much we love Lassie.)

And yes, we've been told the statues are based on real beings but it just doesn't seem appropriate now that the annual wiener run is such an important part of Savannah's Octoberfest. We think they should at least add a new dog friend for Waving Girl. The other one can stay, but there really should be a wiener dog there, too.

Staffer Mom says things change slowly in Savannah and if things got changed out for reasons of appropriateness and reality then Waving Girl would be holding a beer in a 16-ounce foam cup instead of a towel or whatever it is she's waving.
We like to think she's signaling for another beer.

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Jeff said...

Sorry. All my filter saw was "waving weiner." I neeed the Jaws of Life to pry my way into this post...