Thursday, September 10, 2009


So tonight, Staffer Dad was taking care of a few things out on the carport (it's hot and we were napping). We hear him talking outside, and we realize we're not out there, Ernie and Skeeter aren't out there and Staffer Mom is checking her FaceBook stuff. Who is he talking to?
He finally came in for a minute and we look out the window and see ANOTHER DOG! WTH?
(We learned WTH from Staffer Mom's phone....sometimes it has an H, sometimes not...we're still figuring that out...)

Anyway, IT'S ANOTHER DOG! Some kind of spaniel retriever thing. And, IT OPENED THE DEN DOOR AND CAME IN! Again, WTH?
Staffer Mom started yelling at it; Skeeter ran; and Maggie hid her duck toy from it and glared. Of course, Bandit was the most polite -- he just walked up and greeted it. We weren't sure what to do, so I guess our genuine natures just came out.

It's now back outside. Drama's over. We hear it outside, and we think it's lost. We're really sorry for that. But it can't come in anymore. Maggie can't sit on the duck toy all night. That would hurt.


Allison Kennedy said...

You got a new pup??

Maggie&Bandit said... took a neighborhood, but her owner was located. Yay....I know the staff would've kept it.

Twix said...

Whew! Glad you found her home. It is certainly unacceptable for another dog to invade your space. You might need to have a talk with your Dad about that!