Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Old friend J-Jo!

Staffer Mom was happy tonight because she talked to our old friend J-Jo. We remember J-Jo because she would play with us and she could beat Staffer Dad at Trivial Pursuit. One time she buried a cat in our yard. She also dressed up like a crazy lady and put snakes in her hair for Halloween. We admired that.
(The staff found a lot of little plastic snakes in the yard for a year or better....we liked that, too.)

Anyway, she tells us she'd like postcards from us and from all our friends from where we live.
You can mail them to:
c/o the ME
300 Massachusetts Ave.
Boston, Mass. 02115.
She's got a new boss, so be kind in what you write....this time.

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Ailurophile said...

All the best for J-Jo. Glad to have come across your nice blog. Bandit and Maggie are soooo cute :)