Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It sleeps. It screams. It has a temper.

So, we figure you're tired of hearing about the kitten and we're sorry about that. It really is a bizarre animal.

It bounces off walls, literally, and then just drops off. You can't wake it up. You can shake it, toss it and move it around. We know that's true because we've seen the staff try. Did they bring home a narcoleptic hairball?

If by some miracle you do wake it up, it screams at you. It also screams if it's out of food or wants a head rub. We heard the staff say it's birth owner named it Screamer, and we know why.

Ernie says you won't believe us, so we conned Staffer Mom into helping us prove it.
Think it's cute now?
(Humans are suckers. You probably do.)


Meg K said...

That is so very cute!!

Allison Kennedy said...

Bisquick heard Skeeter and he came over to say hello!

Jenn said...

Do not taunt Happy Fun Skeeter!