Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hanna who?

First of all: Maggie has a new photo. It's her "I really do use the computer" pose. Let us know what you think. Several readers have asked us if we use the computer, and while we were a bit insulted, we can understand how some would doubt us. Keep in mind, we never really said what we use it for.

The week's been a real blur. The staff worked outside putting stuff away for a good part of the week. They continuously griped about hurricanes and someone named Hanna. We don't know much about Hanna, but they sure didn't even try to like her. Then, they told us it was going to rain all day Friday, but it didn't. The grass wasn't even wet on Saturday morning. They've been a real pill, and we want this hurricane thing to move on. Every time one comes near, they just go a little wonkers.

And then the network blamed Hanna for canceling today's USOpen women's final. What's with that? We did get to see Venus vs. Serena the other night. It ran a little late, but we enjoyed it. We couldn't hear anything much because Staffer Dad snored through it, but we saw a great matchup with 2 tough competitors. If they hit a ball at us, we think it would hurt. And we do admit to laughing Friday when Serena smacked that whiny player in pink in the head with a ball. Go Serena!


Allison Kennedy said...

Love the new photo! I never doubted you for a minute. When my staffers are gone, I use the computer, too.

Lorenza said...

I like Maggie's picture!
I hope all those hurricanes go away soon!
Take care

Jenn said...

The new photo is fabulous, Mags!

skipper, cricket and pretzel said...

Great photo. Pretzel is our computer master. She is always jumping on the laptop keys everytime the staffers try to write emails or check on the hurricanes. We got a lot of wind and rain all day Saturday from Hanna. We also lost power for 3 hours, but there was no damage here. However, the staffers had to wait an extra day to move two of our foster friends to another foster home due a tree falling down in their backyard and taking down the power lines. At least Ike went the other way.