Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Get plastic, then shop

We've been begging to go shopping lately, and the staff has been pretty noncommittal. We got tired of waiting and decided to get online and go for a stroll today.

We found this terrific web site, It looks like a snooty New York boutique, but we found a few things there to be just what we need to be the coolest wieners in Forsyth Park.

Go there when your staff isn't watching. You'll need to quietly pull the plastic card things out of your staffers' purses or wallets before shopping there. We forgot to do that, so now we have to wait to actually order something.


Allison Kennedy said...

A canine to the rescue! Read this story:

Allison Kennedy said...

P.S. Dear Lowdogs,
We didn't mean to hurt your feelings.!
xo, US

MPK said...

Look lowdogs, there was once a great comic featuring another weiner dog. How excellent!