Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dog Days

Well, as you may have expected, we're back at home and the staffers have returned to their old routine: Get up, take us out, eat breakfast, make us watch Staffer Mom read the paper, send us to our playroom. That's a normal morning. Evenings have been better because it's been raining some and it's really hot outside, so the staff has to play with us inside. And when that happens, we get to watch lots of baseball with Staffer Dad. We also get to learn new words when the Cardinals blow a 7-run lead late in the game.
We realize it's not a glamorous life, but for us, it's fun. We guess the Dog Days of Summer were really meant for us.


Lorenza said...

I spend all day with my grandparents while my mom is at work. And the fun starts when she comes home. Walkie, playing time, treats, watching sports, blogging, more playing!
Kisses and hugs

Allison Kennedy said...

When are the cat days, I wonder?

Maggie&Bandit said...

Ernie says every day's a cat day. We're not so sure about that.

Allison Kennedy said...

If every day isn't a cat day, well, it should be.