Saturday, August 11, 2012

Olympics and more

Ok, so we've been pretty quiet during the Olympics.
We haven't made fun of how long you have to hold your breath if you're a synchronized swimmer or said anything about how butt cheeks are apparently OK to show now for volleyball players.
We've mostly resisted the urges to be catty. (Well, Maggie hasn't....)

We were very happy to see Serena and Venus kick some butt, and we love Misty and Kerri. They rule.
And we're begging the staff for Subway sandwiches since they seem to be the ticket for Michael Phelps. But when they get them, Staffer Dad snarfs them down without even offering to share.

But here we are watching today -- it's a weekend and NBC still won't show us what's actually going on live at the games. We're stuck with Moroccan handball or something. Please. What's next? Cricket? Sadly, Staffer Mom likes obscure sports, so she'd probably like that.

Speaking of competition -- the registration's open for the Savannah Wiener Dog Races Oct. 6.
Click here to see details and register.
Also, follow the updates and conversation before the race on Twitter with @SAVWienerDog. We're helping out with the feed, so if you recognize the humor, you'd be right!

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