Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane leaves lazy day

So we've been waiting for days on this big Irene storm that was supposed to come through here and make a lot of noise. Nada. Nothing.
Apparently this Irene thing went on up north where the Yankees live. Hope they can deal with it. We've done our share of storms, and we really don't intend to do any more if we can help it.  One of them cost us our fave doghouse a few years ago, and we still aren't too happy about that.

In the meantime, the staff's been hanging around. Staffer Dad was so bored he decided we needed a bath.  Really? Surely there are other things to do.  Doesn't the cat need his claws trimmed or something? We'd be happy to help with that.

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skipper, cricket, pretzel said...

The NAVY Wiener Dog Racing Team road out Hurricane Irene here in Virginia Beach, VA with our new sister Mandy and 6 fosters siblings. It was a fun day and a half of rain and high winds, but we all made it through the storm. You know just how much we dachshunds love going out in the rain to go potty. Well, two of our foster siblings decided they wanted to start a new game. They figured out that the little birdies, Finches, were riding out the storm under the bushes in the back yard. So, before our staff figured out what was going on, they were out in the height of the storm trying to catch the birds and getting soaked. Well, they caught the first one and seemed to injure it so the staff went out and rescued it and put it in a crate in the garage for the rest of the storm. The staffers say it did OK and flew out of the garage a couple days later. After that it didn’t seem like there was much more chasing going on until we all got ready to go to bed. As we were all picking up our doggie toys like good kids, staffer Dad discovered the dead bird that one of us brought in and stashed in one of our beds in the family room. He was not happy, but it was pretty funny. Anyway, we all made it through the storm with no damage and only lost power for 5 hours. Lots of naps and close bonding time. Let’s hope the rest of the hurricane season is calm.