Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Wiener Dog New Year!

Wow! It's been half a year since we last posted, and we're really sorry about that. Oh, and we're blaming the staff.

They've been pretty lame -- we don't always need their help, but we do need access to computers, good wi-fi and some quality attention. They also get distracted easily and have found many reasons not to help us out. We're not sure they should even be called "staff" at this point. We've regained our computer privileges, and we've been shamed by Aunt Audrey for not posting.

So, here's a recap since summer:
- We didn't get to go to the dachshund races. Again.
- Bandit's lost most of his eyesight. (He's officially got cataracts -- we don't understand why they aren't called "dogaracts," except that they are bad and that's probably why they are associated with cats instead of dogs.)
- Maggie has been at war with the Kitten, who is now called Skeeter.  The orange hellion steals Maggie's toys. He's going to pay.
- Ernie has been very sweet and squeals on Skeeter regularly, and he leaves us alone. He also tells us where to find his latest kills in the yard. We like Ernie. 
- The Kitten did not knock down the Christmas tree this year. We're all glad about that. The fallout from last year's incident affected all of us. The staff deemed us all untrustworthy for quite some time.
That's about it.

A couple other notes:
- Our friend Foster died last month. He lived with his foster and rescue friends at Miss Ellen's house. That made us sad. We're certain his friend, Henry, misses him very much. Henry has been sick, too, and Miss Ellen is taking very good care of him. We believe Foster is very happy now.
- Bandit can't really write much anymore, so most of what we say now will be from Maggie. He can still find a dead mole in the yard within 30 seconds of going through the screen door, but he's not able to type any more.
- One other thing: Aunt Linda has moved to town and now the staff is incorrigible. They stay out late, eat out all the time (lessening the possibility of floor food) and take stupid photos of us to text to her. 

So here we are at the new year. We've been thinking a lot about our resolutions, and we've decided not to have any. Making a resolution means we have to focus on those, and we just don't have the time. There's just too much to do -- don't need the stress.

If you made a resolution, let us know! We want to know what you're working on, so we can cheer you on!


Lorenza said...

Lots of things have happened there!
I wish you all a very happy and healthy new year!
Kisses and hugs

Laila said...

Great recap for the year 2010...Hope you will have lot of adventure this year...Happy New Year!!!

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Bebe Bahnsen said...

Glad you're back!