Monday, July 5, 2010

We saw the Wienermobile!

It's true! The staff took us on a great field trip this weekend!
We saw the official Wienermobile, or at least one of them.

While we weren't allowed to go inside, we did get to stand on the steps and we had our pictures taken with it.  Here are a few of the pics -- the best ones have the staff in them because they were helpful and lifted us up so we could see better. Staffer Dad also let Bandit sniff the back end of the giant hotdog, and Maggie got to look in through the windshield since she was told in no uncertain terms she couldn't drive.

The hotdog was parked in front of a Kroger, and of course we couldn't go in there either. Lots of people were hanging around, and we expected to come out of the deal with at least a munchie or two. But, it was a pretty clean parking lot. The Wienermobile's staff was really, really nice, and one of them even said she was from Staffer Dad's home state, Missouri. If you want to see more about the stop in Savannah, here's a video of the inside and other pics from

All good field trips are educational. Here's what we learned:
  • There are eight total rolling wieners and six on the road. The other two are for back-up. You can learn more about the fleet here.
  • The big wiener sits on a Chevy truck chasis. We wondered about that since it seemed roomy and nice.
  • There is no chili or mustard or relish on it. Just a dog and a bun. The seats are mustard-colored, though.
  • The way-cool celebrity meat vehicles winter in Wisconsin and head all over in the summer driven by students who call themselves "hotdoggers." They keep a blog, too.
  • Wiener dogs who eat hot dogs are not cannibals. Hot dogs aren't made from wiener dogs. We were very glad to have that fact reinforced. The Kitten told us they were. But, thankfully, we learned that's not true. Wonder why he told us that?
Field trips are fun!


    Twix said...

    That is way cool! I'm so glad to know it is ok to eat hot dogs....Mom says I can't eat Twix bars without being a cannibal though. Thanks for the info on the wienermobile. I never knew there were so many of them.

    MPK said...

    I'm so jealous that you got to see the Wienermobile in person. How excellent!

    I was at a picnic with two particularly lovely wiener dogs who you two would like yesterday. They keep an eye over a yard full of other critters, including two mini-donkeys, three fainting goats, a posse of chickens, and some none-too-friendly sheep.

    Anonymous said...

    Yuki wonders if there is a dalmatian mobile. She suspects not. The weinermobile should give samples and extra to Maggy & Bandit!

    MaggieandBandit said...

    Sounds like a lot of fun friends! Makes us envy the goats. We always get thrown out on the porch when we do that.
    Oh, you said fainting...

    MaggieandBandit said...

    Aunt Laurie!
    We know where we can find a person in a dalmation's not a car, but it can be pretty cool.
    Of course, the real thing is so much better.
    Tell Yuki hello!

    Anonymous said...

    The Kitten would NEVER say such a thing. The Kitten is sweet and charming and like to tease.... oopps!! Not leaving my pawprint (Mom)

    Skipper, Cricket, Pretzel and Mandy said...

    We are soooooooooo jealous. Have always wanted to visit the wiener mobile, but our humans have never taken us. Hope things are going good in Savannah. Our big human, Doug, just retired from the Navy after 30 years of service. We are still trying to talk them into a trip to Savannah to see everyone again.

    shane said...

    wow, your so lucky too see the Wienermobile! and your mam and dad love you so much! :)
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