Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Many holiday miles

We've gotten some miles on us over the past weeks -- been through four different states in the limo, but the staff's avoided Alabama for once so that's a plus.

(Careful readers know Maggie's a 'Bama native, so we can't be too harsh. But, when she has particularly impertinent days, Bandit's fond of saying "You can take the girl out of Phenix City......")

Anyway, we had a very nice visit with grandma, Aunt Audrey and Cousin Ellen in NC. Ellen is pretty cool because she's got a long dog, too, named Duncan. It's a Corgi, and we accept those as extended family. (Extended...get it?)

Now we're at the beach. It's raining, so that makes the walks a bit shorter because Staffer Dad doesn't like water on his head and he can't handle us and an umbrella. The beach trip was nice -- we got to stop at our fave walk area at the Osceola Forest. We stopped once other time at Staffer Mom's fave truck stop near Tallahassee (good coffee). That was the best! We found gum in the parking lot near the car. Staffer Mom wasn't very happy about that, but it was good stuff. Peppermint, maybe.

It might clear off tomorrow, so we'll be walking more. It's been windy here, and we saw some overturned trash cans down the street. Score!


Anonymous said...

Hello there!
We are close to you, Statesboro. We attended the wiener races too. Tulip was scared out of her mind and didn't run. I think we're going next year as strictly spectators.

Hope your holidays were merry. It's brrrrrr.... cold. Bundle up.

Picasso and Tulip's mom

Twix said...

Happy New Year Bandit, Maggie, and family! Talk about some well traveled paws! You guys get around, huh? You mentioned Dad didn't like to walk the 2 of you in the rain but I'm wondering do you like to walk in the rain? Not me! Rain is too cold but I guess it would be better than the 10 degree weather and snow we have right now. I'm looking forward to more of your adventures in 2010!