Saturday, November 21, 2009

A break, sharing staff and pirates

We spent a week at the spa -- and yes, there was a bit of trickery involved. Maggie ended up getting some dental work and Bandit got a few needles. Nothing big -- turns out he's just getting old. All that said, the treats there were good, so we really didn't have any complaints. The staff needed a break from us, so it all worked out.

The last few weeks have been all right. It's getting darker earlier, so we don't get as much good dig time in the evenings. The kitten is bigger now, and he's a lot more annoying. He keeps trying to sleep in our beds and pushing his toys under furniture and turning on the sad eyes so the staff will rush to his aid. We're really not sure where our staff became his staff. What's with that?

We think Staffer Mom's been feeling a little bad about all of this. Today, she's letting us watch all three "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies, so it's a pretty fair trade at this point. Maggie loves Johnny Depp, and the undead monkey gets raves from Bandit.


Joey and Maggie said...

lol - this Maggie loves Johnny Depp too! Have a fantastic Thanksgiving you guys - we're thankful for you.

Joey and Maggie...

Allison Kennedy said...

Hey Lowdogs from the other side of the state!